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Since 1999, CosMedix’s mission has been to use the science of nature to deliver maximum skin care results. From day one, CosMedix has sourced the finest ingredients from all over the world. Borrowing from Nobel Prize-winning technologies and blending them with pure botanical ingredients to create skin care that affects real change. This intersection of science and nature is what makes CosMedix a leader in the industry and trusted by physicians, aestheticians and consumers all over the world.


Through Cosmedix’s potent concentration of plant-based botanicals, which are highly concentrated in nutrients for maximum effect, they avoid using ingredients which remove the good and bad chemicals from your skin. Their products not only compliment your skin’s natural chemistry, but also simultaneously remedy the most troublesome skin conditions–from sun damage, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation–without the irritation or downtime of popular, conventional treatments.

Its chemistry may be complex, but Cosmedix focuses on 4 main principles to guide its groundbreaking success and innovation:

  1. Botanicals– finding the best ingredients and maximizing their potency
  2. Skin Matrix Support– using formulations inspired by Nobel Prize discoveries in pharmaceuticals to nourish the skin and provide the building blocks for cell rejuvenation and skin restoration.
  3. Chirality– using ingredients that have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin
  4. Exfoliation– stimulating cell rejuvenation and optimal penetration of products to create maximum results by removing dead, dull skin





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