Lauren Carr - Medical Esthetician

Lauren Carr

Medical Esthetician

I’m Lauren, the Medical Esthetician at Creative Medspa of Atlanta.
I’ve recently moved from Colorado, where I started my skincare career.

Over a decade, my background has been in physical fitness, and my passion for health bridged into skincare. I have discovered whatever you put in your body and how you treat it shows through your skin.

I pursued the medical side of aesthetics because I love seeing the outstanding laser treatment results, IPL, and micro-needling transform my clients’ skin and improve their way of life. Joining them on that journey of health and beauty has become a tremendous joy and passion in my life.

I am certified in Neurotoxin injector (in Colorado) with a specialty in lasertreatments, IPL, laser hair removal, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, derma-planning, and chemical peels. I am a licensed Phlebotomist and have experience in LED light, Cryo-therapy, and many other esthetic services.

I am a mother to three young children; Savannah (6), Beau (8), and Hunter (10). Whenever I can carve out some free time, I am very adventurous!

I enjoy exploring new places; trying new foods, jumping out of airplanes, rock climbing, white water kayaking, and hiking.

I grew up a military kid, moving around every few years. As an adult, I continued the path of a world traveler. I have lived in Spain, Japan, and Malaysia, and I can get around town in about 6 different languages! I always grew up as “the new girl.” Learning to “adapt and overcome” was just a way of life.

My fearlessness and compassionate interest in diverse cultures gives me the unique ability to truly get to know my clients and put them at ease with informative communication. My goal is to help them improve their skincare needs and further a healthy lifestyle with a treatment plan that will last them a lifetime.

Being an Esthetician is truly my dream job, and it’s true what they say, “love what you do, and you don’t work a day in your life!” I come to work every day feeling excited and blessed beyond measure that I am so lucky to have found my true driven purpose in life. At Creative Medspa, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and being a part of bringing out your true inner beauty. 

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