We offer the XEO laser, by Cutera. This powerful platform allows for a customizable treatment session designed around your individual needs as a patient. Everything from brown spots, spider veins, acne, acne scarring and overall anti-aging and skin toning.

Laser GenesisLaser Genesis stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process to improve overall skin quality, resulting in radiant, more youthful complexion. It addresses fine lines and wrinkles, facial redness, sun damage and scarring.  During the procedure, gentle micro-pulses of laser energy are sent to the skin to activate collagen remodeling to give your skin its smooth, radiant complexion. Its a gentle procedure that requires no downtime. In less than one hour, you can start to experience the amazing renewal properties of this treatment.  For maximum results, a series is recommended.

IPL (LimeLight) LimeLight delivers a non-invasive light treatment that can be customized for different skin tones and aging conditions, resulting in an exceptional skin revitalization treatment with minimal discomfort. In addition to treating sun spots, benign pigmented lesions, and vascular concerns. LimeLight also balances color and improves the complexion.  

ND:YagOur 1064nm Nd:YAG provides up to 15 treatment applications and is appropriate for all skin types. The system is optimized for  treating active acne on the face and body.

ProWave LX The ProWave LX overcomes the limits of other IPL technology for hair removal. Lighter and finer hair removal is more easily possible with the better targeting capabilities. The ProWave LX provides a fast, comfortable hair removal treatment that can be used on small and large areas.

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